Forward visibility has been improved 10%. The wide mast, with lift chain spacing, makes the view forward less cluttered, enhance safety and improve productivity. Safe inspection. The engine hood has an automatic lock. This fail-safe stopper prevents the hood from closing unexpectedly, ensuring safe inspection under the hood. Optimal gearshift pattern is select able. Trucks with an automatic transmission come with a three-mode selection switch. You can select the automatic transmission gearshift patter according to your working conditions with the flick of the switch.
Durable hydraulics. Oil-filled cylinders. The lift cylinder piston rads are filled with hydraulic oil  to improve the durability of the lift cylinders. Safe starting. Neutral Safety mechanism. The neutral safety mechanism prevents the position. This prevents the truck form moving abruptly when the starter switch is turned on both automatic and manual transmission trucks. Outstanding visibility from the rear. High-mount stop lamps. The stop lamps are installed at the rear on the top of the overhead guard to provide improved visibility to nearby works or other vehicles behind the truck, thus offer added safety in the workplace.

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