Viper forklift trucks are designed for the operator to be more productive and require less downtime for maintenance. An all aluminum radiator core provided constant engine coolant temperature control through faster heat dissipation. Latest technology with Diesel engines,  have EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA rated engines certified to meet-exceed CARB emissions. Larger low positioned steps on either side and large grab bar allows easy access egress for the operator. The large premium suspension safety seat provides operator comfort and better productivity in all applications. Heavy I beam and C channel mast rails are positioned to crate a wide forward view of the fork tips and the load. Large rollers roll more freely under load and side thrust rollers provide added lateral support especially in wide load applications. Premium hydraulic hose, fittings and steel tubes are vital to operator safety and load handling. All hydraulic cylinders use premium seals eliminating leaks and pressure loss. Main lift cylinder has a lowered speed valve to avoid rapid decent should a pressure lose occur in the lifting system. They lighted instrument panel is conveniently positioned relative to the operator’s line of sight. The LCD display monitors the machine’s vital components and electrical systems including travel speed and operating time. The monitor with integrated diagnostic system provides easy service and lower maintenance costs. The advanced design wiring harness uses waterproof connector sand an enclosed multi unit fuse module for improved circuit security and reliability.

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